Red (KOBAYASHI Hiromi)

レッド (小林博美)
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Author Tác giả : Spindler Erica
Author Họa sĩ : Kobayashi Hiromi
Năm phát hành : 1999
Genres Thể loại : Josei , Romance , Slice Of Life
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From JShoujo Scans:

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in Bend, Mississippi, Becky Lynn Lee doesn't have the luxury of dreaming. With an abusive father and a broken mother, she always thought that this was it. But after the ultimate betrayal, Becky Lynn can no longer live the nightmare.

Determined never to go back, Becky Lynn escapes to Hollywood. As a photographer's assistant, she discovers a talent for spotting beauty and capturing the perfect shot. When the camera eventually turns on her, the awkward, shy Becky Lynn of her childhood disappears. But when the success she's achieved is threatened, Becky Lynn must find the strength to embrace her new identity and put the ugliness of her past behind her forever.

Based on Erica Spindler's novel "RED"
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